Working in the orthopaedic specialty, you know time is of the essence. You want as many patients cycling through your clinic as possible, while still providing the best level of care and service.


Is your current EHR...

...causing your clinic to experience interruptions in workflow?

Do your orthopaedists constantly fight through EHR bloat to get to the details that actually relate to your practice?

Are your physicians struggling to find a solution that allows for care coordination across the clinic?

There is a way to complete both goals without forfeiting personal responsibilities: 
Implementation of Phoenix Ortho’s orthopaedic-specific EHR system.


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Phoenix Ortho’s top complete EHR is tailored to orthopaedic specialists, showing you the patient details that are relevant to each case.


And that's not all it does:

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Rapid Charting:  Our EHR charts by impression, learning your data entry preferences to better understand physician protocols and predict charting preferences. With this adaptive tool, orthopaedists can simplify and streamline charting input, while delivering more efficient patient care. This charting ability is completed on a per-provider basis, as opposed to per-practice, making the system’s results that much stronger and helpful for orthopaedists. The system has your back, as well as that of your patients - and their elbows, knees, shoulders and more.


Coordination of Care:  In any orthopaedic clinic, various team members need access to patient charts as patients move from diagnosis to treatment plan. Phoenix Ortho’s EHR enables multiple members of your personnel to work within the same chart, for the same patient, at the same time.  This capability ensures that orthopaedists have the most updated, timely and supported information on hand when they interact with and recommend a patient for treatment.


Digital Imaging:  It’s common for orthopaedic clinics to have a separate PACS solution to view digital images. With our EHR, you won’t need one. Our EHR is a PACS, combining the two systems into a software designed for your specialty. Physicians can share and discuss x-rays, MRIs and more using our software solution, all while providing no-hassle patient care.


Real-time Charge Capture:  It’s a hassle to complete patient charts only to have to go back through the steps to recover their account information and amount owed. Phoenix Ortho utilizes real-time charge capture, calculating codes for billing as clinical personnel perform their work-up. By the time a patient’s visit is finished, all diagnoses and billing codes are prepared for billing.


Clinical data analytics:  Pairing with its ability to chart by impression, our EHR also provides analytics research and outcomes reporting to help physicians connect certain symptoms and issues with eventual diagnoses. This insight can be used as reference material for future cases, enabling orthopaedists to minimize the time it takes to treat patients and gain back control over their workday.

Patient-facing data entry:  You’re not the only one who gets to enjoy our EHR system. Phoenix Ortho’s software includes a online portal for patients to input their own relevant personal data. The improved clinic flow results in shorter wait times for individuals as well as increased engagement. Patients can enter their information from home using our Phoenix Portal, or via a clinic-provided tablet (Phoenix Kiosk). These tools capture information easily and accurately, enhancing the experience for everyone involved. 

Orthopaedics is a high-volume surgical speciality, requiring its clinicians to have all the resources they need to complete their responsibilities in a quick but effective manner. Implementing Phoenix Ortho’s EHR offers practices a variety of benefits that cannot be overlooked:


Increased efficiency: With our orthopaedic-specific EHR, orthopaedic specialists can see and treat more patients throughout the day.


Ease of use: We’ve designed our EHR implementation and its use to be as simple as possible. Plus, we have a knowledgeable team to help along the way.


Improved focus: Without any unnecessary information cluttering the screen, orthopaedists can concentrate on the case at hand instead of irrelevant data that doesn’t pertain to the patient’s situation.


Better treatment: Added focus and the use of an efficient EHR enables orthopaedic doctors to provide the best form of treatment and highest level of care to each patient.


Better outcomes: Our EHR’s chart-by-impression functionality helps physicians make a correct diagnosis and devise a proper course of action from the onset.

Reduction of physician and clinic bottlenecks: We aim to streamline the entire process, resulting in shorter patient wait times, efficient doctor-patient interactions and quicker transition to procedures.

Enriched patient satisfaction: Having all relevant information at their fingertips allows orthopaedic doctors to create a comfortable and successful experience for patients, resulting in improved satisfaction with your clinic as a whole.


Ready to kick your current first-generation EHR to the curb?

Phoenix Ortho’s EHR is not only easy to implement - it is continuously being adapted to provide orthopaedists with the most useful system possible.

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