Maximize Your Orthopedic Clinic’s Performance with Customer Training Services

Help your team master the orthopedic solutions in your practice with complementary online and in-person training for PT/OT, front office, orthopedic management, and other staff. Save even more time, streamline orthopedic workflows, and maximize productivity!


Live Customer Training for Orthopedic Practices

Spend time with the Phoenix Ortho team to master every aspect of your orthopedic practice solution! Skip the trip to save on travel by signing up for online customer training—which is included for all current Phoenix Ortho customers!

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Recorded Orthopedic Training Sessions

Can’t wait for the next training session? Access the training session archive to view recorded training sessions covering a variety of topics for physical and occupational therapists, orthopedic surgeons, front office staff, practice managers, and others in your orthopedic clinic!

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In-Person Customer Training

Get a customized training experience from the Phoenix Ortho team! We can perform onsite customer training* to help answer specific questions and help you build “super users” within your team that can go on to train others. Help everyone in your practice get familiarized with your orthopedic solutions.

(*Travel costs and other fees may apply)

Need Customer Assistance Right Now?

Reach out to a customer success consultant to get assistance with workflow optimization, staff training, maximizing billing, and much more. Our success consultants are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Phoenix Ortho solutions and services so you can focus on what you do best.

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About Phoenix Ortho Customer Consulting and Unlimited Lifetime Training

We’re here to help you and your orthopedic practice achieve success while saving time and headaches. To that end, we provide convenient customer success consulting and unlimited lifetime training to all active Phoenix Ortho customers. This includes:


Live training services can be delivered either in person or via the web.


Lifetime training from a dedicated customer success and implementation team.


Ongoing services such as free online training, periodic checkups, and more.


Help your orthopedic clinic save time and labor by mastering the best platform for orthopedic solutions on the market!

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