Clinical Management Consultant Services for Orthopedic Practices

Turn your orthopedic clinic into a more efficient and effective profit center with value-added consulting services.

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Accomplish More with Orthopedic Clinic Management Consulting

Get support for your orthopedic practice with clinical management consulting services that help you:


Streamline Orthopedic Clinical Workflows

Analyze and document your current workflows to identify opportunities to streamline operations and save your staff time and effort on daily tasks.


Increase Revenue

Analyze your schedules, revenue, billing capture, and processing practices to create changes that increase revenue and profits for your practice.


Optimize Your Office Design

Get expert analysis of your office design to help improve patient flow throughout the entire clinic and resolve bottlenecks that restrict operations.


Enhance Internal Clinic Communications

Work with your team better and mitigate the risks created by misunderstandings and missed memos by improving your communication strategy.


Improve Documentation and Consistency

Analyze your current documentation procedures to identify opportunities to enhance thoroughness while minimizing time wasted.

Increase Orthopedic Clinic Staff Retention

Find the roadblocks to employee engagement in your clinic and excise them to increase staff retention and productivity while minimizing absenteeism.

How Does the Consulting Service Work for Orthopedic Clinics?

Wondering how clinical consulting services for orthopedics works? Here’s the process:

  • Observe. Consulting starts with an investigation of your clinic’s current workflows, practices, patient volume, and interactions with billing entities.
  • Document. After observing your practice, your Phoenix Ortho consultants will record their observations and analyze the data.
  • Present. Our team provides recommendations based on the conclusions from the recorded data to help your clinic meet its financial, operational, and compliance goals.
  • Repeat. We’ll continue to work with you to provide new insights and advice as needed to help your orthopedic practice achieve continuous improvement on every level.

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From internal process optimization to office design, documentation advice, staff retention advice and more, Phoenix Ortho’s consulting services are designed to help you make your clinic even better than ever. Have questions about how the consulting process works or Phoenix Ortho itself? Contact us today to get answers!

Learn More about Consulting Services by Contacting Phoenix Ortho