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Phoenix Go

Access the Already-Robust Phoenix Ortho Software Suite Even Faster

Phoenix Ortho's newest solution Phoenix Go gives your Providers access to the Phoenix Ortho EHR suite on any device with an internet browser or through the iPad app for convenience and accessibility. Providers can access everything needed in surgery, in the office, or on the go with telehealth.

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Add Faster and On the Go Access to the Orthopedic Software Suite!

The Phoenix Go orthopedic solution is a browser-based, iPad-enhanced application for the Phoenix Ortho software suite that gives you on-demand access to your Phoenix Ortho data.

With all the features you want and nothing more, Phoenix Go gives you what you need and saves you time whether you’re in the clinic, in the office, or out and about.

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Phoenix Go PT
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What Do You Get by Adding Phoenix Go?


Your Orthopedic Workflows at Your Fingertips

Access your most essential tools and data wherever you have access to the internet, whether you're in the clinic, in surgery or out and about.


A New and Improved User Interface

We’ve developed an improved (and customizable) UI for Phoenix Go that makes the software look and feel better than ever.


A Flexible Hybrid Cloud Experience for Easy Access

Get the best of both cloud and on-premises data and software solutions with a hybrid cloud software access model on Phoenix Go and the base Phoenix Ortho solution!


Review Patient Information on Your Tablet

Keep your patient data on hand during interactions and update patient charts and notes to save time on patient paperwork.


Access Images from Your Tablet or Internet Browser

Bring your medical images, such as x-rays, with you for patient consultations and into the operating room with a convenient iPad app or browser-based access solution.

Mobile Medical Image Management

Use built-in PACS solutions to manage your orthopedic image workflows in a mobile solution that you can take with you into the office or into patient encounters and review images with patients on your tablet.

*Check with your Phoenix Ortho Customer Success Consultant for clinic readiness.

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Phoenix Go: Your Solution for Convenience, Speed, and Accessibility

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Increase Convenience,
Speed, and Accessibility
in Your Orthopedic
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Make managing your orthopedic practice easier and faster with remote access to your most important documents and workflows. Sign up for a free demo of Phoenix Go by filling out the form on this page.