Orthopedic EHR Solutions That Are Easy to Use

Phoenix Ortho’s EHR, PACS, and PM Software Solutions Help Orthopedic Physicians Save Time

Orthopedic practices have specialized needs that multidisciplinary EHRs just don’t fill effectively—causing wasted time and effort. Phoenix Ortho’s comprehensive EHR solution helps orthopedic surgeons save time so they can reclaim their day while helping more patients.


Is Your Current EHR Giving You Problems Like:

  • Creating bottlenecks in your workflows?
  • Making your orthopedic surgeons wade through endless menus to get at the one form they need?
  • Only allowing one person to log into the patient chart at a time instead of allowing several people to collaborate?

Phoenix Ortho circumvents these problems to create a comprehensive EHR system that saves time and improves orthopedic clinic workflows.

How Does Phoenix Ortho’s EHR and Practice Management Software Benefit YOUR Clinic?

So, how does Phoenix Ortho's EHR software suite help your orthopedic practice and staff? Here are a few of the benefits of Phoenix Ortho:


Saving Orthopedic Physicians’ Time

By eliminating excessive mouse clicks and presenting only the information and forms that they need, the Phoenix Ortho EHR helps orthopedic surgeons save hours every day.


Improving Medical Collections at the Point of Care

By automating certain processes and helping to generate billing codes in seconds rather than hours, the Phoenix Ortho software empowers orthopedic clinics to collect payments at the point of care.


Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Phoenix Kiosk and the Phoenix Ortho EHR software help streamline paperwork to save patients time and frustration—improving patient satisfaction and the likelihood of return visits.


Removing Orthopedic Practice Bottlenecks

Phoenix Ortho’s integrated PM software is designed to eliminate bottlenecks in orthopedic practice workflows. This helps to save time and increase patient satisfaction.


Ongoing Service and Training

Phoenix Ortho EHR solutions come with ongoing services—including onsite training and configuration services! We’ll help you get the most out of your new orthopedic EHR software.

What Does Our Orthopedic EHR Software Suite Include?

Phoenix Ortho’s software is a comprehensive solution that helps orthopedic surgeons save time while enabling orthopedic clinic administrators to improve operations and medical collections. Our orthopedic software solution includes:

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Orthopedic-Specific EHR

Phoenix Ortho’s EHR software is built specifically to meet the needs of orthopedic clinics—only presenting the forms and information that matter to orthopedic surgeons.

Per-physician preference tracking prioritizes each practitioner’s favorite forms and reports to save even more time.

  • Save time and mouse clicks.
  • Get only the information you need.

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PhoenixGO — iPad and Browser Access

Phoenix Go is a web-based solution that runs on your browser to give you access to your Phoenix Ortho software solutions remotely.

The Phoenix Go platform includes one-page form documentation for:

  • Telemedicine
  • Follow Up Visits
  • Physical Therapy
  • Browser Based Imaging

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A Fully-Integrated PACS Solution

Unlike other EHR providers that force you to use a third-party imaging solution, Phoenix Ortho EHR provides a fully-integrated picture archiving and communication system (PACS) solution. This allows orthopedic surgeons to:

  • Order, view, and organize digital images with ease.
  • Eliminate manual data entry error risks.
  • Easily associate ordered images with patient files in the EHR.

Whether surgeons are ordering x-rays, MRIs, or any other type of medical images, the entire process is rendered hassle-free with Phoenix Ortho.

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Integrated Practice Management Solution

Phoenix Ortho’s integrated PM software solution helps you submit claims and get paid faster thanks to the PM solution's integrated clearinghouse. Combined with Phoenix Ortho's reporting, analytics, and bill scheduling solutions, Phoenix Ortho PM helps orthopedic clinics:

  • Save time.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Minimize labor FTEs.
  • Improve payment collection at the point of care.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Phoenix Ortho helps make medical billing faster and easier with a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution backed by a team with extensive experience in medical billing. Experience the benefits of:

  • Charge posting with information imported from your Phoenix Ortho solution
  • Payment posting of all electronic remittances via clearinghouse services
  • Insurance submission claims
  • Generation of “patient-friendly” statements

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Phoenix Kiosk Patient Engagement App

A patient-facing check-in system that eliminates several paperwork management steps from the patient sign-in process. Phoenix Kiosk helps orthopedic clinics:

  • Simplify patient intake processes.
  • Eliminate front office paperwork bottlenecks.
  • Increase patient satisfaction.
  • Improve patient data capture.

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iPHax AI Inbound Electronic Fax Management

A solution for automating your inbound electronic fax management workflow that minimizes the risk of data entry errors. Clinics using iPHax AI have reported up to a 75% reduction in their labor full-time equivalents (FTEs) spent on fax management tasks.

  • Automate inbound fax management processes.
  • Save time and labor expenses on fax-related tasks.
  • Capture important data and filter out "junk" electronic faxes.

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Phoenix InTeleMed — Telemedicine Add-on

Connect with patients remotely using Phoenix Ortho's proprietary, orthopedic-specific telemedicine solution.

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iPrescribe — Mobile Prescription Solution

Take patient prescription management on the go with iPrescribe—a mobile application for orthopedic physicians. iPrescribe helps physicians:

  • Write new patient prescriptions right from their mobile phone;
  • Check for adverse drug interactions;
  • Review patient drug histories;
  • Approve or reject prescriptions written by clinic staff as needed;
  • Save time by providing specialty-specific medication suggestions.

Current Phoenix Ortho customers can add iPrescribe by submitting a support ticket now!

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"I was instantly mesmerized by the lean, clean, and wonderfully efficient software that is Phoenix Ortho. When the time came, it was the only choice for my private practice… The workflow for Phoenix is perfectly suited to every orthopedic practice, no matter the size."
-Dr. Arash Dini, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon - Arash A Dini, MD
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