Transform Your Practice with Orthopedic EHR


Give Yourself and Your Team Orthopedic Software Designed to Save You Time and Effort

Your orthopedic practice has specialized needs that multidisciplinary EHRs just don’t meet efficiently. Help everyone in your clinic save time, avoid headaches, and improve efficiency with a comprehensive Electronic Health Record software built specifically for orthopedics.


Solve Orthopedic Clinic Challenges with an Orthopedic Solution

  • Reduce bottlenecks in your day-to-day workflows
  • Streamline menus and interfaces for your clinic’s staff and surgeons
  • Enhance collaboration with simultaneous logins and task delegation
  • Backup important data with an optional hybrid cloud solution

Why Use Phoenix Ortho’s Orthopedic EHR?

Phoenix Ortho is your perfect orthopedic software partner if you want to:



Increase Patient Satisfaction.

By removing workflow bottlenecks you can streamline the patient visit—reducing in-office friction and helping improve patient satisfaction.

Save Time and See More Patients.

Reduce mouse clicks with an EHR optimized for orthopedics. See more patients and be home in time for dinner.


Improve Collections at Point of Care.

Get support to generate billing codes in seconds instead of hours. Get paid at the point of care and improve cash flow.

Get Ongoing Service and Support.

From online training to software configuration support, get the most out of your software with ongoing service and support.

Reduce Claims Rejections.

Get real support with medical billing claims that makes collections from payer organizations more consistent.

What’s Included with Your Phoenix Ortho EHR Solution?

Phoenix Ortho is the only comprehensive EHR designed exclusively for orthopedic practices. Every menu option, mouse click, and screen is carefully designed to get you to the resources you need without wasting your time.


Robust EHR Content with Data Collection and Reporting

Put all of the patient chart info you need at your fingertips with robust data collection and reporting tools.

Dedicated Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Solution

Order and review x-rays, MRIs, and other medical images electronically with a fully-integrated PACS solution.

Adaptive Learning for Practitioner Preferences

Streamline your menu interactions with an adaptive learning interface that “learns” individual practitioner preferences.

Orthopedic Clinics Rely on Phoenix Ortho’s EHR Solutions

Orthopedic surgeons, practice owners, and administrators across the country rely on Phoenix Ortho’s best-in-class orthopedic EHR solutions to save time, improve patient outcomes, and enhance medical collections at the point of service. See what some of Phoenix Ortho’s users have to say about the software:


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