A technically sound EHR onboarding process is crucial to successful implementation.

Phoenix Ortho EHR offers relevant and customized information, insight and tools your clinic needs to improve efficiency and patient experience, with a comprehensive training regimen included.


At this point, you're halfway there, and to paraphrase Jon Bon Jovi:  Take our hand. You'll make it - we swear.

Introducing a new EHR system to your orthopaedic clinic can be the most difficult part of the process. The Phoenix Ortho family knows this, which is why we work to ensure our onboarding process is as painless as implementing a new EHR can possibly be. It's the people that really make the difference - you'll have access to an experienced, professional team of representatives every step of the way.

We understand that bumps along the road are part of the journey. We'll use our knowledge and vast experience to get your clinic through those ebbs and flows, while also ensuring that you understand the system as a whole.

An Implementation Specialist of Your Own

To help introduce Phoenix Ortho EHR into your workflow and to the members of your team, we'll assign an Implementation Specialist who will not only be available by phone, but will be onsite for the entirety of the transition timeline. These trusted and experienced professionals will manage the onboarding journey from start to finish, taking your clinic from 0 to 100 in no time.

Your Implementation Specialist will work with clinic administrators to learn your current process - daily responsibilities, orders and actions - and address how Phoenix Ortho will enhance and effectively simplify your clinic’s future workflow. They'll be able to tackle any questions and concerns, providing you with timely customer support to guarantee the implementation is headache-free.

Identification and Training of a Super User

Part of what makes the process of de-installing your current EHR and installing Phoenix Ortho a smooth transition is our “Train the Trainer” model. Our Implementation Specialist and your clinic will designate both Administrative and Super Users. These leaders will learn the Phoenix Ortho EHR system from the inside-out, act as the go-to resource for solution and workflow questions in the future, and will be essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of both local training and employee support during the go-live period. We believe this is the most efficient way for your clinic to advance through the implementation process as it allows your Super Users to be the go-to trainer in your clinic.

Both the Administrative Users and Super Users will undergo thorough remote, web-based and classroom training sessions, which will reflect the unique needs of each clinic. We believe that having an in-house authority figure who can find solutions to any system errors or interruptions will improve a clinic's efficiency and lead orthopaedists to gain more from the software itself. Phoenix Ortho is always available for customer support, however. We're just a call or click away.

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An Extra Level of Support

Your Implementation Specialist will remain a main support system, providing extra training in the form of live, online training classes as well as answering any questions. He or she will be there to ensure every step of the process runs smoothly so your clinic can readily utilize the software by your intended deadline.

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We're Coming to You

In the week or so leading up to the final introduction and first use of our EHR system, your Implementation Specialist will visit your clinic in-person. During this time, these specialists will meet with Administrative and Super Users, going over any last-minute questions and examining the means for workflow transition.

Orthopaedists will get the opportunity to test out the EHR's capabilities amid this stay, taking patients live as Implementation Specialists conduct special sessions. Every department will have the chance to operate within the EHR with the assistance of the Implementation Specialist and Administrative and Super Users.

By the end of this visit, your clinic will have access to a fully functioning EHR system and be able to utilize the orthopaedic-specific Phoenix Ortho workflow.

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A Flexible Checkup

Our implementation process doesn't end once our EHR goes live. We always want you to feel supported, therefore, we'll perform regular check-ins with clinic leaders - usually the Administrative or Super Users - on a flexible basis. Whether you need an additional set of eyes 20 or 120 days after our system is in place, we’ll be there. We can make another in-person visit or reach out remotely to address any development issues.

Implementing a new EHR system is a tumultuous change - and a big decision - for your clinic. Phoenix Ortho is always on the ready, able to provide you with quick but correct and actionable responses to your inquiries about our solution, requests for more information or questions once the software is in place.

Change, just like orthopaedic surgery, can be painful. The end result, however, makes the challenges worth it. That’s how you’ll feel after Phoenix Ortho EHR is live in your clinic; the “Physical Therapy” of a change to Phoenix Ortho yields promising long-term outcomes, and we’ll offer you all of the resources and support you need to succeed during this time.


Our specialized EHR enables us to focus our efforts on what's best for orthopaedics - and for you. Our availability and readiness is our strongest asset.  Let's get started today!