Live EHR Training Services

Upcoming Customer Training Events


Weekly Live Trainings MOVE to Monthly!

To maximize your time and cover the MOST important TIME SAVING features YOU need to be using we're moving weekly Live Trainings to Monthly Tipinars.


Stay Tuned for the announcement of first Phoenix Ortho Virtual Summit!

Our Customer Success Specialists and Presenters:

Pam Bilinski

Customer Success Team Lead

Anna Nyegaard

Senior Customer Success Manager

Gina M. Delmont

In Memoriam

Customer Success Specialists are central members of our Customer Support Team and they are available to help you in any way possible in your use of the Phoenix Ortho. Additional training from Phoenix Ortho Support is also available upon request: Simply contact the Support Team.


Convenient Customer Training and 
Unlimited Lifetime Support


Our live EHR software training services can be delivered via the web to help your orthopedic clinic save time and money on travel.


Our customer training comes with the support of a dedicated CMS regulations specialist and an extended implementation team.


Our team will be there with your throughout your EHR implementation, checkups, and ongoing training so you don't have to go it alone.


Best of all, Phoenix Ortho doesn't charge you extra for live customer training – meaning no surprise training charges.