A History of Supporting Orthopedic Medicine


The Orthopedic Difference

Orthopedic medicine is different from other healthcare specializations. In an orthopedic clinic, you need solutions that are tailored to what you do every day so you don’t have to waste time and mouse clicks!

Phoenix Ortho built its Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solution specifically for orthopedic clinics. We collaborated with orthopedic physicians to design a comprehensive EHR software that removes superfluous data, forms, and actions so orthopedic surgeons can focus on what’s most important to them.


About Phoenix Ortho

As successful executives in the EHR industry for many years, our principals saw firsthand how most systems were created for primary care. Adapting these one-size-fits-all systems to specialty needs was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole; it just didn't work. They soon realized that orthopedic practices required an EHR system that would let them reclaim their day.

Rising from the ashes of outdated and dysfunctional primary care EHR systems in 2006, Phoenix Ortho was born. Our mission? To deliver an EHR solution that eliminates clutter and saves time.

Our solution was made specifically for orthopedic practices. Because we understand the intricacies of orthopedic medicine, our EHR software is able to help orthopedic physicians help more patients while eliminating hours of paperwork.

What Makes Phoenix Ortho Different?

One of our most important core values, aside from “doing right by the customer,” is family. To us, family is important because we’re a family business. We consider our customers a part of our family — and we treat them accordingly. It isn’t just the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” it’s “treat our customers with the care and consideration we would give our closest relatives.”

In other words: “We’ll be there for you. Just like a good family should be.”

How do we show this care and consideration? A few ways include:


Providing Unlimited Training

Whether you need assistance understanding government EHR guidelines and healthcare regulations or are just looking for ways to streamline your clinical workflows, we’re here to help!


Listening to Your Comments and Concerns

Have an issue with the Phoenix Ortho EHR system? Is there a feature you wish it had (or you’re unsure how to use)? You can reach out at any time to let us know. We take feedback from our customers seriously.


Creating a Truly Orthopedic-Specific Solution

Our EHR software suite is developed for orthopedic practices. We won’t waste your time with a bunch of irrelevant form fields for other specializations. It’s everything an orthopedic clinic needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Meet the Phoenix Ortho Team!

Image featuring Paul McCune

Paul McCune


Paul got his start in healthcare in 1971 as a scrub nurse and surgical assistant at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. He later received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas-Arlington and an MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Dallas.

His advanced education and background, together with the emergence of HIT technology, led Paul on a long professional journey. He started working in sales for practice management billing software and electronic health records (EHR) in 1988; in 2006, he introduced Phoenix Ortho, the first orthopedic-specific EHR platform.

Phoenix Ortho is an innovative solution rooted in improving efficiency and effectiveness within the orthopedic field. It has made a difference for more than 1,000 providers in 44 states.

Image featuring Monty McCune

Monty McCune


From the very beginning, family has played an important role in Phoenix Ortho's success. Paul's son, Monty – a talented web designer and graphic artist in his own right – initially proposed the development of an orthopedic-specific EHR.

At the time, Monty and Paul were both working on the graphical user interface at NextGen, with Monty acting as a contract programmer and later assisting with deployment, implementation, and troubleshooting.

The father-son duo pooled their life savings to create a prototype with help from a contract programmer. It was Monty's youthful optimism and the developmental tools at the pair's disposal that set Phoenix Ortho on its current path of success. Monty's prolific and accomplished career as a programmer and overall leader has led him to more than 10 years of experience with Phoenix Ortho, where he holds the title of principal, but the pride of a developer.

Image featuring Micah Jones

Micah Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Micah began his IT career in 1998 as a computer technician. That initial foray evolved into management and consulting roles around the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, including one with Phoenix Ortho. Micah took on a leadership position after his first interaction with the company and was deeply involved in its early strategy and technology.

He turned a consulting job into a full-time role and now oversees general operations, including the support and training departments as well as Phoenix Ortho's actual technology. Micah exemplifies the family-oriented nature of Phoenix Ortho’s company values in his respect for the team and strong relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and partners.

Image featuring Allan Gamboa

Allan Gamboa

Senior Software & Integration Engineer

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

An engineer by day and a barista by night, Allan loves the outdoors, fishing and camping with his wife and child.

Image featuring Andres Hernandez

Andres Hernandez

Director Support Services

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Andres likes indoor and outdoor sports, including racquetball and basketball. He’s also a big fan of the NBA and listening to music.

Image featuring Anna Brocato

Anna Brocato

Marketing Director

Location: Tampa, FL

From her time as an agency graphic artist, to her roles in TV and film production, Anna loves all things creative. She is happily married and has two sweet little girls - the cutest you’ve ever seen!

Image featuring Anthony Jimenez

Anthony Jimenez

Support Engineer

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Anthony is a music lover, vinyl record collector, and athlete. The owner of four cats and two dogs, Tony loves animals and nature as well as any cheese-and-bacon food pairing under the sun.

Image featuring César Arévalo

César Arévalo

Interface Specialist

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Having worked in IT support since 1999, Cesar is experienced in all things IT, but loves coding in several different languages. Cesar is married with one son (who’s very smart!), a dog and a turtle. Cesar also loves good music and good food!


Image featuring Charlie Rodriguez

Charlie Rodriguez

Support Engineer

Location: Costa Rica

Charlie has two children. When not working, he enjoys watching Netflix, spending time with his family and friends, grilling, and going to pool parties.

Image featuring Cristine Jimenez

Cristine Jimenez

Customer Success Manager / Phoenix Go Specialist

Location: Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

On the weekends you’ll find Cristine baking pastries or doing puzzles while listening to good 80’s music. She loves nature, animals and spending time with her family.

Image featuring Daniel Chavarria

Daniel Chavarria

Customer Success Manager / Phoenix Go Specialist
Image featuring Frankie Ruiz

Frankie Ruiz

Director Imaging Services

Location: Miami, FL

Frankie has been a Miamian since 1983. A foodie and Florida Marlins and Hurricanes fan, he considers Gene Roddenberry, Stephen Covey, and Saint-Ex as some of his greatest influences. Frankie is an avid troubleshooter who enjoys making sense of how things work.

Image featuring Janet McNatt

Janet McNatt

VP Program Management

Location: Abbeville, SC

Janet has four children and six grandchildren. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends – along with playing pool and cards. She has always had a passion for math and puzzles.

Image featuring Jonathan McCune

Jonathan McCune

Chief Investment Officer

Location: Ponte Vedra, FL

Jon had a distinguished military career including working on nuclear submarines for 25 years before joining the Phoenix Ortho team. He earned his PhD in Metaphysical Sciences in 2012 and has been married for 45 years. Jon has two daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.

Image featuring Josh Hersey

Josh Hersey

Chief Quality Officer

Location: Midlothian, TX

Josh has a degree in art and has been a photographer for 17 years. He loves God, married the love of his life in 2008, and has four children - 3 gorgeous daughters and one sturdy baby boy. In his spare time, he likes wood-working, gardening, and collecting sports and music memorabilia.

Image featuring Kimberly Molder

Kimberly Molder

Billing and Accounting Specialist

Location: Mansfield, TX

Married for 21 years, Kimberly and her husband Brian have four children, whom she thanks God for every day. Her friends and family call her “Kimpossible” and there’s a reason for that!

Image featuring Mandy Hersey

Mandy Hersey

Special Services Manager

Location: Midlothian, TX

A native Texan, Mandy has been with Phoenix Ortho since the very beginning. She enjoys crocheting and reading. Most important to Mandy is spending time with her family, which includes three girls and a boy, the youngest of which are twins.

Image featuring Maribel Murillo

Maribel Murillo

Support Engineer

Location: Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Maribel is the proud and grateful mother of three daughters. When she is not working, she enjoys a good hike or walks through nature while listening to music. A coffee lover, Maribel prefers Costan Rican varieties, of course!

Image featuring Ronald Villalobos

Ronald Villalobos

Support Engineer

Location: Cartago, Costa Rica

Ronald is the proud father of his son, Marcelo. His passions include mountain biking and trail running. In 2015, he participated in La Ruta de los Conquistadores. The mountain-bike race is one of the toughest in the world, crossing Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast.

Image featuring Sandra McCune

Sandra McCune

Accounts Payable

Location: Ovilla, TX

Born in Waco, Texas, Sandra moved to Dallas at age 2. She married Paul McCune at age 18. Her favorite time of year is summer, and she enjoys cycling and crocheting.

Image featuring Wendy Schuerman

Wendy Schuerman

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Location: Spokane, WA

Wendy was born and raised in Spokane Washington.  She spends her free time with her puppy Kona, her spouse, her 3 daughters and 4 grandkids.  She enjoys traveling to anywhere with sun, water and a beach, hiking, reading and watching Gonzaga Bulldog basketball games.

Image featuring Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright

Chief Revenue Officer

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stephen has worked in a wide variety of strategic sales roles throughout his career in the USA and around the world. His background includes both Healthcare and Software sales, team development and strategic growth.   Stephen brings a passion for providers to see their practices grow in service, efficiency, and effectiveness, while enjoying a lifestyle they aspire to.  

Job opportunities will be posted as they are available. Please contact careers@phoenixortho.net with any questions!