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Streamline Collections to Save Time and Improve Cash Flow


Cash flow is a critical concern for any business—orthopedic clinics are no exception. Being able to secure payment for services rendered at the point of care can make an enormous difference in the financial health of your clinic.
Phoenix Ortho’s practice management solution helps you streamline billing with features such as:

Note Hooks

Save a dozen or more mouse clicks on searching a database for chart information with a feature that lets you pull the chart note from your Phoenix Ortho EHR. It’s just one click to get a side-by-side comparison of the chart with the claim.


A Truly Integrated Clearinghouse

Get approvals or rejections in minutes instead of days with a truly integrated automated clearinghouse (ACH) that’s part of the PM solution.


Medical Billing Claims Support

Get real-time support that helps you avoid claims rejections and provides clear feedback when a rejection does occur. Don’t waste days and limited submissions with a tedious back-and-forth—get claims support that actually helps.


Real-Time Reports

All reports automatically update with the latest claim and collection data. Comes with the report package most requested by customers. This solution also has a robust ability to create reports using any field in the system.

Process Workers’ Compensation

Claims More Easily


Every year, millions of Workers’ Compensation (WC) cases are reported to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

Workers’ Comp-related claims are often a crucial revenue stream for orthopedic clinics as employees with work injuries are referred to orthopedists and occupational/physical therapists for outpatient care.

However, navigating the complexities of Workers’ Compensation claims can be difficult at the best of times. Different states may have unique requirements for filing claims which complicate the process further—such as California requiring physicians to file Form 5021 (Doctor’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness) within five days of initial treatment.

Get a case management solution that helps you streamline Workers’ Comp claim management by:

  • Tracking all of the data for users.

  • Automatically prohibiting front desk staff from scheduling appointments outside of the date range or the number of visits authorized in your Request for Authorization (RFA) filing.

  • Automating the e-faxing of WC forms to the appropriate recipients.

  • Attaching the appropriate forms to the claim so it can be filed electronically for faster time-to-collection on WC services.

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