Get a PACS Solution for a More Efficient Orthopedic Clinic

Remove obstacles to a fast and efficient medical imaging workflow in your orthopedic practice with a PACS that’s part of a comprehensive orthopedic solution platform.


Integral, Not Interfaced

Many orthopedic clinics contend with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) that aren’t truly integrated into their larger software environment. This means using custom integrations that need constant updating every time there’s a change to either the PACS, the EHR, or any other information management system the practice uses.

However, there’s a better way. With Phoenix Ortho, the PACS solution is part of a larger orthopedic management platform—so your medical image management is fully integrated with your patient chart and practice management solutions to create a seamless experience that reduces error risks.

What You Can Do with Phoenix Ortho PACS


Save Orthopedic Surgeons’ Time

Phoenix Ortho makes it easy to delegate tasks in the platform to assistants, imaging specialists, and others in the clinic so that orthopedic surgeons don’t have to personally process every step of the image ordering and management workflow.

Help your orthopedists save time so they can see more patients and still get home before dinner.

Reduce Manual Data Entry Error Risk

Place image orders through a DICOM-compliant worklist server (WLS) that sends the order directly to the digital imaging console. The image order is instantly registered to the patient on the worklist—removing the need to manually enter patient data at the console and reducing error risk.

Give Your Orthopedic Surgeons a Single Sign-On

With an embedded PACS that’s part of a larger practice management platform, you don’t have to make your team log into several different software programs to move important medical images to the appropriate patient chart in your EHR.

Remove interface bloat and save your team time and frustration every day.


Why Choose Phoenix Ortho As Your Orthopedic Partner

  • Get Paid Faster. Use an integrated clearinghouse to get faster approvals on claims and get support with claim rejections so you can shorten the time between filing a claim and getting paid.
  • Top-Class Support. Get more than just another software. Get top-class service and support from a dedicated success team that helps you get more out of your orthopedic solution platform.
  • Increase Revenue. Save time on every patient interaction to increase the number of patients your clinic can process each day—increasing both patient satisfaction and clinic revenue.
  • Enhance Patient Outcomes. Integrated EHR, PACS, and other orthopedic practice management solutions make it easier to delegate tasks and share vital data—making it easier to provide quality care.

Are You Ready for an Orthopedic PACS That Saves You Time?

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