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Need Technical Support for Your Orthopedic EHR?

Check out the Phoenix Ortho Support/Knowledge Base for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Phoenix Ortho Electronic Health Records solution.

On our Knowledge Base & Support page, you can access Phoenix Assist Chat, submit a support ticket online, or access the Customer Portal to review the status of your support request. You can also submit a support ticket through our email at or by calling our phone number and selecting Option 3.

For Patients — If you’re a patient and need tech support, please contact your physician’s office directly. We cannot support individual patients due to privacy concerns.


Need Help with EHR Implementation and Training?

We have a dedicated EHR implementation/onboarding process to help you get started, as well as free live EHR training services for all current Phoenix Ortho users.

Our implementation specialists and live training team are central to Phoenix Ortho’s ongoing support services—helping you to hit the ground running with our orthopedic EHR solution and keep everyone in your practice working at peak efficiency.

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Need Answers Now? Check These FAQs!

Why Use an Orthopedic-Specific EHR Software?

By using a software suite designed exclusively for orthopedic practices, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be wasted on sifting through menus and forms meant for primary care or other specializations. Going orthopedic-specific lets Phoenix Ortho deliver the best possible user experience to orthopedic surgeons, administrators, and staff.

Is Phoenix Ortho’s PACS “FDA510K” Approved?

The FDA approval process is reserved for Medical Devices that interact with patients and may adversely impact patient health. Phoenix Ortho XMR is an “FDA Cleared” Class I exempt device under regulation 21 CFR 892.2020. It is improper for any PACS vendor to say that they are FDA approved. It is important to note that Phoenix Ortho XMR is the only EHR to implement 21 CFR 892.2010 utilizing the DICOM (WLS) standard for communications.

How Does the Phoenix Ortho EHR Software Suite Save Time?

By eliminating extraneous forms for primary care and other medical specializations, our orthopedic EHR software suite reduces mouse clicks and time spent parsing menus. Additionally, our E & M medical billing code generator and note templates help to further reduce time spent on paperwork so orthopedic surgeons can reclaim their day.

What Practice Management Solutions Does Phoenix Ortho Have?

Phoenix Ortho’s EHR software suite is meant to be a complete solution for orthopedic clinics. So, our platform includes a fully-integrated practice management solution that features appointment scheduling, eligibility verification, patient registration, electronic claims management, statement processing, electronic remittance acceptance, reporting, form generation, credit card processing, internal messaging, document scanning, denial management, and collections.

Does Phoenix Ortho REALLY Only Focus on Orthopedic Clinics?

Yes. Our software is really built from the ground up to meet the needs of orthopedic clinics and ONLY orthopedic clinics.

How Does Phoenix Ortho’s EHR Software Differ from a “Primary Care” or Multidisciplinary Solution?

The biggest difference is that our solution eliminates the “bloat” normally associated with multidisciplinary software programs. Where those programs have to account for every form, medication, and indication for every type of medical practice, the Phoenix Ortho EHR solution presents only the most important information.

Does Phoenix Ortho Provide Support and Service after Implementation?

Yes. Phoenix Ortho’s EHR solution comes with ongoing support and service. This is delivered not only through our support site, but through in-person training and service as well.

How Does Phoenix Ortho Help with Implementation?

Where a lot of EHR vendors simply supply a download of the software and leave you to figure out everything else on your own or by reading through endless support forums, we provide in-person implementation support. The Phoenix Ortho team will fly out to your location to hold live training sessions in the software, help ensure it’s installed and configured correctly, and troubleshoot any issues you might have. Even after implementation is complete, further troubleshooting and in-person support is available from the Phoenix Ortho team.