We know making the transition to a new EHR is daunting. Phoenix Ortho will lead the way, taking you through every step with the assistance of trained and experienced professionals. Our company focuses on more than just our software. We aim to provide diligent care, helpful insight and value-added features to make your clinic successful in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.

Phoenix Ortho offers a wide array of services to get you through the implementation process and beyond, personalized to your needs - just like our EHR itself.


Introducing a new EHR to update and replace current workflows may be just as painful as orthopaedic surgery. But we'll provide the care you need to not only recover, but flourish. You'll receive an onboarding specialist who will take you through the entire procedure:

  • Conducting web-based and live training with employees.
  • Keeping plans on schedule.
  • Acting as a pivotal means of support for any inquiries or issues.
  • Completing frequent and flexible check-ups. 

All of these steps ensure your clinic is utilizing Phoenix Ortho's EHR to the best of its ability. 

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Live Customer Training
Through regular and individualized training sessions, your orthopaedic clinic will designate Administrative and Super Users - essentially in-house EHR experts - and learn your new solution from the inside out. With educational instruction from Phoenix Ortho's specialists, you'll learn how to tackle system and workflow-based issues; gaining the knowledge and confidence you need, while still knowing our world-class help desk is a only a call away.

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CMS Regulations Specialist
CMS releases alterations and updates to healthcare laws and regulations on a frequent basis. We know these changes can be challenging to keep up with, so we're available to answer any questions you may have - helping you maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties. We'll even assist with your attestation process, completing the research and development into legislative modifications so you save valuable time and money.


Orthopaedic News
To be at the forefront of their industry, orthopaedic physicians are constantly evolving to provide the best level of care to patients. Updates and developments of new tools, ways in which to complete important responsibilities and innovative procedures happen every day. Phoenix Ortho will provide the orthopaedic news your clinic needs to stay in the know.

EHR Updates
Since our EHR is designed for the orthopaedic specialty, we are continually innovating to keep your workflow running smoothly. We will provide frequent communications regarding updates to our system and how it will impact your practice for the better.


Along with our EHR, the people at Phoenix Ortho are our greatest asset. We have a dedicated team available to answer questions and deliver solutions to any issues your clinic may encounter with your EHR. Our support staff is accessible by email, phone, live chat or our client portal to offer the care customers need to feel at ease with their EHR.

At Phoenix Ortho, we know quality is more important than quantity. We’ve heard the stories about other EHR companies taking days to reply to an issue. Our response times take just minutes, ensuring we provide the care and support your clinic needs to be successful in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on our dedication to orthopaedics and having knowledgeable people on our team. This is what makes us unique, so we can make your experience and EHR transition one-of-a-kind.


Here's what just a few of our clients had to say about their relationship with Phoenix Ortho and our software:


"Our representative knew exactly how to safely push and progress us and because of that, we have become better clinicians, managers, teachers and staff with Phoenix Ortho." (more...) Mario R. Moya, ATC/L, MBA (Administrative Director, Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine)

Charles Cook square.png

"As with anything electronic, problems and glitches have occurred, but the team's response has always been prompt and exceedingly brilliant getting us up and running in no time." (more...) Charles E. Cook, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgeon, Center for Foot and Ankle Restoration)

"The flexibility [of Phoenix Ortho's EHR] allowed us to go completely chartless in 7 months. We have transformed the space that was used as our chart storage area into 6 more exam rooms." (more...) Kalen Privatsky (MBA, CMPE Administrator, Valley Orthopedic Associates)


We can't wait to meet you and assist in your EHR journey.