The EHR System for Orthopedic Practices

Phoenix Ortho’s Electronic Health Records software (EHR) helps your orthopedic clinic save time while improving coordination of care.


Our Personalized Services

We know that making the transition to a new EHR software is daunting. Phoenix Ortho will lead the way, taking you through each and every step with the assistance of trained and experienced professionals. 

Phoenix Ortho offers a wide array of free ongoing services to get you through the implementation process and beyond. These services are personalized to your needs — just like our EHR software suite.

These services include:

Electronic Health Records Software Onboarding

Introducing a new EHR to update and replace current workflows can be a slow, difficult, and painful process. To help reduce the pain and help you improve your coordination of care, we’ll provide a dedicated onboarding specialist who will take you through the entire procedure, including:

  • Conducting web-based and live training with employees.
  • Keeping plans on schedule.
  • Acting as a pivotal means of support for any inquiries or issues.
  • Completing frequent and flexible EHR software check-ups (including in-person visits). 

All of these steps ensure your clinic is getting the most time savings and process optimization from Phoenix Ortho's EHR software suite. Our onboarding and ongoing training are both included in our EHR system — so there are no surprise charges.


Live EHR Software Training

Our EHR software training helps turn orthopedic surgeons and other staff in your practice into EHR system “Super Users.” What’s a Super User? It’s a person who knows the EHR system inside and out and can act as an expert who is able to train other users without needing additional support.

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Online and In-Person EHR System Support

In addition to online and over-the-phone support, Phoenix Ortho team members can visit customers on-site to provide live service, training, and support to help our EHR system’s users get more out of their orthopedic software. Please note that travel fees may apply.

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CMS Regulation Support

We’ll provide a CMS regulation specialist to answer any questions you may have — helping you maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties. We'll even assist with your attestation process, completing the research and development into legislative modifications so you save valuable time and money.

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