Cloud Solutions for Orthopedic Clinics

Improve your orthopedic practice's efficiency to save time, see more patients, and get home for dinner. Help your whole practice improve patient satisfaction and reduce stress with convenient cloud-based tools that save time and reduce frustration.

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What Is Phoenix Ortho Cloud and How Does It Work?

Phoenix Ortho Cloud allows physicians and practice staff to access clinical and managerial data across the internet from browsers, iPads, or RDP clients. 

Phoenix Ortho Cloud access helps your practice management workflows by giving you both browser and hardware-based access to your clinic’s most important data and apps.


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Benefits of Cloud for Orthopedics


Increased Practice Mobility

With the ability to access your app from any internet-capable device, you can take your orthopedic practice management on the go and get more done wherever you are.


Increased Security

Phoenix Private cloud solutions are one cloud environment to one customer—so you don’t have to share server space with another clinic! Protect the privacy of your patient data while making orthopedic practice management simpler.


Centralized Data Management

Instead of storing important patient visit notes, medical images, and other data on dozens of different devices, all of your data is in one centralized location so every member of your orthopedic clinic is up to date.


Control Over Your Cloud Infrastructure

A private cloud gives you control over your cloud infrastructure so you remain in charge of your clinic’s data. This helps to increase flexibility so you can configure your orthopedic solutions the way you want to!

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