You need an EHR that fits your orthopaedic practice and its needs. At Phoenix Ortho, we collaborated with orthopaedic physicians to design a comprehensive solution specifically for YOU - removing superfluous data and actions so your physicians can focus on their goals.


Why Phoenix Ortho?

As successful executives in the EHR industry for many years, our principals saw firsthand how most systems were created for primary care. Adapting these one-size-fits-all systems to specialty needs was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole: it just didn't work. They soon realized that orthopaedics requires a solution of its own - free from the hassles and additional mouse clicks required by other EHRs on the market.


Rising from the ashes of outdated and dysfunctional EHRs, Phoenix Ortho was born. Our mission is to deliver an EHR solution that contains only the information you need, and none of materials that are unnecessary to your orthopaedic practice.

Our bottom line: We understand the intricacies of orthopaedics. Our attention to detail and to our clients' needs makes us unique in an EHR world filled with competitors promising customization without the depth of our orthopaedic industry knowledge.


What Makes us Different?

At Phoenix Ortho, we value the importance of family. We're a family business, our customers are a part of that family, and we treat them accordingly. 

We'll be there for you. Just like a good family should be.

Whether you need assistance understanding government EHR guidelines, reporting, or regulations, or you are looking to find ways to enhance your clinical workflow, we're available and on your side.

Another key fact that makes us different is that Phoenix Ortho is run as a "virtual" organization – in fact, no two employees work from the same location! This emerging trend among Fortune 1000 companies affords us many benefits like allowing us to hire the best talent nation-wide without the encumbrance of relocation and giving us the ability to channel our financial resources into our software rather than paying the heavy costs of a brick-and-mortar corporate headquarters.

These key differentiators should offer you the confidence that you're dealing with product-level experts dedicated to promoting excellence and enhancing your overall experience with Phoenix Ortho.


The Benefits We Offer

Our aim to create close relationships with our clients, while also providing an EHR designed specifically for orthopaedic practices, yields a number of benefits for our customers and their clinics:

Efficiency: Orthopaedic FOCUS, with enhanced workflows and fewer mouse clicks, resulting in enhanced time and cost efficiency.

Ease of use: Ease of use: Designed specifically for orthopaedics, Phoenix Ortho eliminates excessive navigation and mouse clicks. This hassle-free capability makes the solution easy for clinics to implement and use.

Intuitiveness: We've completed the research necessary to develop EHR software that charts by impression, adapting to physicians' every move to enhance and simplify data entry.

Reduction of risk: Features such as E & M coding engine, automatic charge capture, drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction, and more help reduce your risk. Our EHR can contain any necessary documentation in a singular, easy-to-find location.

Improved quality of care:  With more complete patient-visit documentation via our EHR, practices can eliminate common errors and track relevant procedures, events and outcomes.

Lowered transcription fees: Phoenix Ortho can remove 90 to 100 percent of transcription fees, enabling many clinics to use these savings to pay for the bulk of the cost of their EHR within the first year of use.

Seamless integration: With integrated Practice Management and PACS features, Phoenix Ortho offers the "all-in-one" vendor source many practices are looking for. Or, for clinics hoping to upgrade EHR function while keeping their legacy practice management solution, Phoenix Ortho has extensive experience interfacing with 3rd party PM vendors, as well as imaging centers, labs, etc.

Adaptive ability: Our software uniquely adapts to physician use, learns preferences, and manages 100% of the workflow of an orthopaedic clinic without the need for cumbersome template building or protracted training times.

Data entry options: Clinicians are free to use voice recognition, touch screen technology, freehand typing, point and click, old-fashioned dictation, etc. We support a variety of data entry options.

With Phoenix Ortho, you'll receive more than an all-in-one EHR. You'll get a team of experts committed to all of your clinic workflow needs.

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