The Orthopaedic-specific Difference for Your Orthopaedic Clinic


Intelligent Adaptability

At the core of our design is an ability to “learn” how particular providers practice, recognizing provider-specific, body region-specific protocols and order-sets. (and no templates!)


Best Xray Imaging

Phoenix Ortho is the first and only EHR recognizing that without complete image workflow an EHR is simply NOT orthopaedic. 


Integrated PM

We offer a robust, integrated PM as part of our complete EHR solution, or can interface with legacy PM solutions.


PhxOrth Kiosk.png

Tablet-based Patient Application Developed by Phoenix Ortho

Fill-in forms are old-fashioned and impede the orthopaedic process.  With Phoenix Kiosk, your practice can reduce headaches and paperwork, saving both time and money while improving the speed and satisfaction of patient check-in times.


Clinics Across the Nation Rely on Phoenix Ortho

Totally Chartless

After looking at several systems and evaluating where we are today, I do believe our choice to go with Phoenix... (more...)

— Kalen Privatsky, MBA, CMPE Administrator

 Best Vendor

“Phoenix Ortho is by far the best vendor we have dealt with yet!  Where to start about our most recent implementation of Phoenix Ortho? (more...)

— Mario R. Moya, ATC/L, MBA

High Patient Volume

"As an upper extremity and sports medicine specialist, many of my patients have complex conditions that other EHR’s have difficulty...   (more...)

— Carl Palumbo, M.D. 

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Your Orthopaedic Needs Are Different...

Why Phoenix Ortho? We believe the needs of orthopaedic physicians are unique; we started Phoenix Ortho to address these needs. Across the nation orthopaedic physicians were struggling to document their patient encounters utilizing defocused, multi-specialty EHR products. In the absence of Phoenix Ortho that problem still exists. It is the dedicated focus on the needs of orthopaedic physicians that inspires and drives our software development, enabling our physicians to efficiently manage their patient encounters.  - Paul McCune, CEO