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Phoenix Ortho is by far the best vendor we have dealt with yet

  • Mario R. Moya, ATC/L, MBA
  • Administrative Director
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We believe focus is the essential ingredient to successful EHR development and deployment. Phoenix Ortho is unique in our extensive experience and singular focus on orthopedics. By focusing on one specialty, we can avoid the wholesale generalities that have plagued EHR vendors and frustrated their orthopedic clients. Phoenix Ortho understands the unique requirements of orthopedic physicians. Focus promotes the creation of relevant content and specialty specific application functionality. Content relevance is a significant factor in physician adoption.

What We Do

Phoenix Ortho develops, documents and markets orthopedic EHR solutions that are efficient, intuitive, easy to use, and promote physician acceptance. This software reduces the cost and risks associated with manual paper based systems. This in turn improves the quality of care by more completely documenting patient visits, eliminating common errors and tracking relevant procedures, events and outcomes.

Since Phoenix Ortho EHR was designed ONLY for orthopedics, we have a system that:

  1. Most physicians find it intuitive and easy to use.
  2. Can eliminate 90-100% of your transcription fees. Some practices have completely paid for their system within the 1st year with these savings.
  3. Can integrate seamlessly with most PACS systems, and many existing Practice Management systems.
  4. Actually "learns" how the physician practices medicine and adapts to his/her preferences over time. (No templates!)
  5. Offers a variety of data entry options to accommodate just about anyone.

Why Us?

After spending decades with some of the biggest EHR/EMR companies in healthcare, our principals found that most systems are designed for primary care and have too much data that is simply irrelevant to orthopedics. We've swept out 100% of the superfluous data that you don't need in an orthopedic EHR.

Bottom line: We know orthopedics! The other guys don't.