Testimonial List

Phoenix Ortho is by far the best vendor we have dealt with yet
Where to start about our most recent implementation of PhxOrtho (Phoenix Ortho)? Gina Delmont and her team of ladies (Anna, Pam, Janet, Kathy and Ashley) are amazing people. I know that PhxOrtho is not about making a quick buck, but they are certainly about changing people's lives. They have made both my managers; Holly Williams and Melissa Kravetz feel like family. There can be twenty people in an office or two hundred, but we were always made to feel as though we were the only ones. Gina knew exactly how to safely push and progress us and because of that , we have become better clinicians, managers, teachers and staff with PhxOrtho. We were a bit gun shy from our last implementation, but Gina and her staff knew exactly what to do. PhxOrtho is by far the best vendor we have done business with yet. As a Health Care Professional, Executive Director and past business owner within the community for over 25 years, I don't take authoring these types of recommendations lightly. If anyone is considering PhxOrtho, trust and have confidence in the fact that Gina Delmont and her staff will do everything possible to change your lives' for the best.
Mario R. Moya, ATC/L, MBA ( Administrative Director ~ advorthopedics.com , Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine )
Truly revolutionary!
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thankful I am that we chose your team and Phoenix Ortho as our EMR solution this little over 21 months ago. You and your team have taken our recommendations and have been very proactive in incorporating features and enhancing the overall experience. We are eternally indebted to you and your team for making this transition to the future of healthcare almost seamless. The impact of your system on our practice has been immense and continues to evolve as you add more and more features and we get better and better at using the various features contained in your program. . The “up time” of our system has far exceeded my expectation and even surpasses our Centricity “up time”. As with anything electronic, problems and glitches have occurred but the team’s response has always been prompt and exceedingly brilliant getting us up and running in no time. I can honestly tell you that the latest imbedding of X-rays in our medical records is yet another brilliant idea. Never before has the “complete” orthopedic record ever been truly created until this accomplishment binding x-rays to the “chart”. Truly revolutionary! I look forward to our continued evolution.
Charles E. Cook, M.D. ( Orthopedic Surgeon , Center for Foot and Ankle Restoration )
Completely Chartless
After looking at several systems and evaluating where we are today, I do believe our choice to go with PhoenixOrtho was the best decision and would do it again in a heartbeat. We did evaluate document management programs and true EMR programs before we made our decision. With Phoenix we were able to get a complete orthopedic database as well as built in orthopedic flow from the very beginning. The flexibility allowed us to go completely chartless in 7 months. We have transformed the space that was used as our chart storage area into 6 more exam rooms.
Kalen Privatsky ( MBA, CMPE Administrator , Valley Orthopedic Associates )
Geared to Orthopedics
After an extended due-diligence period, several site visits, and extended reference checking, our choice of EHR vendors is Phoenix Ortho. Our decision was unanimous based on the fact we feel Phoenix Ortho is better geared to the unique needs of an orthopedic practice.
April Gibson ( MHA, CMPE President, Washington State MGMA , Administrator Puget Sound Orthopaedics )
I have been the administrator of three Orthopedic Practices. All of these Practices had EHR solutions from prominent EHR vendors. Additionally, over the past decade I have evaluated numerous EHR systems in my various capacities as an Administrator and a Microsoft Certified systems engineer. After looking closely at the Phoenix Ortho EHR, I can say there is simply nothing else like it. Their focus, content, technology and usability is far superior to any EHR I have ever used or personally evaluated. I believe Phoenix Ortho has set the new standard for Orthopedic EHR.
Rory Ronald Gile